Clean Windows7 install for a .Net Developer

Time to review my toolset again for a clean installation.

Nevertheless I’m native Dutch speaking, I prefer to have all my tools installed in English. The main reason is to be able to Google for clear error messages in case of troubleshooting.
The Core toolset:

The office tools:

I strive to publish most of my personal things into the cloud, so all I need for these is Google Chrome and these free tools:

Some tools that didn’t made the list for now:

That’s it, if there’s a tool I should be using as a .Net developer and it’s not in the list… let me know!

Oh, and if anyone knows a good Twitter client?

Scrum Checklists as a jumpstart

About one year ago I started as a Scrum Master. A real jumpstart for beginning Scrum Masters is the "Scrum Checklists mini-book".

This compact collection of checks and actions will enable team members to facilitate all Scrum Meetings and create the Scrum artifacts.

The mini-book is available as a free download on InfoQ and you can also buy the print-copy.

  • Checklist: Impediment Backlog
  • Checklist: General Meeting
  • Checklist: Estimation Meeting
  • Checklist: Sprint Planning 1
  • Checklist: Sprint Planning 2
  • Checklist: Daily Meeting
  • Checklist: Sprint Review
  • Checklist: Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Artefacts