Agile Retrospectives Mindmap

A while ago I've read the book Agile Retrospectives in the Pragmatic Bookshelf series, and made following mindmap while reading the book (click to enlarge):

Book review: Bridging the Communication Gap

Recently I bought "Bridging the Communication Gap" written by Gojko Adzic. It is certainly a 'must read' for all those working on agile teams trying to deliver what the customer really wanted.


In Gojko’s view, the reason for most project failures is a breakdown in communication between the technical and non technical roles. The book shows how important and difficult it is for a team to reach common understanding and communicate about requirements, design and acceptance criteria.


Agile Acceptance Testing, the subtitle of the book, is not just for testers! In fact it affects all of our jobs starting with the customer and functional analyst. But everyone in the team must be involved in achieving Executable Specifications. This is done in Specification Workshops, which take place in the beginning of each iteration. These topics are discussed in depth in the book.

What I really like about this book is that teams can actually start implementing the practices based on the books content.

I’ve recommended the book too five people so far and if you are concerned about delivering what a customer really wanted, I recommend it to you too.