Agile games

Got the question of a former colleague if I had some online resources for Agile Games, for learning Scrum/Lean/Xp concepts in a fun way.

Let’s list them…

Games from the Belgian XP/Agile User Group:

Games from Agile Fairytales:

Games from Tasty Cupcakes:

  • Making Pamphlets: Kanban Game
  • Thumb Wars
  • Pocket-sized Principles
  • Project Pinwheel
  • Map Flap
  • Sizing Game
  • Example Please!
  • People Polling
  • The Problem with Principles
  • Presto Manifesto
  • The story of our sprints
  • Football Scrum

Other agile games:

If you have more of them, or want to share experiences on games you played… please comment.

Thanks and keep on gaming :-)