Book review: Succeeding with agile


Do you really want agile software development to stick within your company? Than this is the book to read!

Understanding the mechanics of an agile process is just not enough. The quest of transitioning a company to agile is hard, full of mysteries, and also never ending :-). This book is a distillation of everything Mike Cohn has learned over the years working with many many companies that are trying to become more agile.

As usual I’ve made a mind map from the book. Below is a screenshot of it, not everything is expanded. If you want the digital version (made with the free version of xMind), send me an email.


Some things we will need to apply from the book:

  • Handle our Technical Debt better
  • Evaluate the use of having our backlog in a tool, because we’ve made every mistake there’s to make when using such a tool :-)
  • A new cycle in our adaption to agile needs to start, guided by an Enterprise Transition Community.
  • Some other departments of our company need to become more compatible with agile, such as HR and Sales, in order to make agile stick.