XpDays Benelux 2010

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XpDays 2010 was again great fun combined with a lot of learning!

There were 4 timeslots a day, each with 5 concurrent sessions. Next to this there were also some open space sessions.

I first attended a session on DevOps. Patrick explained a lot of tools that can end the war between developers and operations. There was also a great story about BBQ, loaded with lot’s of metaphors.

Then Complexity vs Lean by Jurgen Appelo, great entertaining speaker! Many controversial topics on Lean and Kanban principles. I definitely plan to read his upcoming book “Management 3.0”.

After dinner we learned folding Frogs in an Agile game on Kanban. Beware… next time I’m in a boring meeting, some frogs will be made! Hoped to learn more on Kanban in that session.

The last session I attended on the first day was on Story Mapping. Actually, if we used this technique last week when trying to define stories on a new project, it would have been a lot smoother. Something for the next time we do this.

The first day ended in the pub where we even won a price in a very difficult Agile Pub quiz. :-)

I started the second day with a workshop by iLean on Value Stream Mapping. Definitely a teaser to learn more on the topic.

Then a session on tools for Lean Architecture. It was all about ways to communicate about Architecture. I need to get better at drawing, will read “The Back of the Napkin” to achieve that.

Then a coding Dojo on the Open-Closed principle, the O in SOLID. Did you know that each time that you write an If-statement a little white rabbit gets killed? Wow, now I will think twice before writing one of those again.

And to end this years edition of XpDays my colleague Jochen Jonckheere and myself gave our session on Database Change Management. The hard work paid off, the session went well and the participants where quite happy with the session.

And as always XpDays was really well organized, those guys & girls really keep up the good work!