Welcome to the world of Android.


Recently my spouse and me decided to invest some money in 2 smartphones. After some research and asking around we decided the best quality for the money was the HTC Wildfire running the Android.

A lot of articles on the best droid applications have already been written:

So I wont write another one, but wanted to share what applications we decided to use and how it all integrates.

Contacts are stored with pictures,mobile,e-mail and so in Gmail. We use Gmail itself for e-mail and can edit each others calendar and show both Google calendars on our phones. Integrates all really fine. No wonder there, right?

The only thing that didn’t sync well was the GList app with the Gmail tasks. So we switched to Cloudlist instead for keeping grocery lists and small to-do lists.

Advanced Task Killer is also something you want to manage your apps so that they don’t hurt performance or battery life. In the settings you can specify that apps get killed automatically when not used every hour or so.

HTC Peep was the standard twitter app and it works fine for now.

Some things I did change in my daily use:

  • Switch from Microsoft OneNote to Evernote for taking notes, because Evernote has a great droid app. Now my notes are synched between Pc/Mac at work and our phones.
  • Switch from Juice to Google Listen for listening to podcasts. It also integrates with Google Reader. (thx to Jochen for this one)
  • I keep using KeePass for my personal passwords, but now a KeePass file is stored in DropBox. Both are available on android also, but a little warning here: beware that you put your passwords in the cloud, so secure your file with a highly secure password, and maybe don’t save super sensitive passwords in there such as your home bank account or your PayPal account.

I also advice you to install some kind off anti-theft tool. We choose LMaxi Anti Theft Lite. You can ask the location of your phone, let an alarm go off or even wipe the phone all by sending SMS messages to the phone. But I suggest you change the standard text messages.

I don’t want viruses on our phones, so Risk Detector also made the list.

Another handy tool is the Astro File Manager for browsing the content on your SD card.

That’s about it, just some gadgets I installed to show off against iPhone users: Barcodescanner, Layar, Shazam, RunKeeper :-)

One thing I miss right now is a personal kanban tool that integrates with an online one. If you know one?

What apps do you use that are really handy? Any apps which are better than the ones we use now? Let me know…